Better Business for All

Better Business for All is Leicester & Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership's (LLEP) response to the government's priority of reducing the regulatory burden on business. It has been set up to encourage business growth by making business regulations easier to access and understand.

Better Business for All is a local partnership between businesses and regulatory services. The partnership believes:

  • Compliance with regulations can support your business to grow (read more on regulation and growth below)
  • Compliance with regulations is not as onerous as if often believed. Local regulators across Leicester and Leicestershire are committed to supporting businesses by providing advice and guidance that helps them understand and meet their responsibilities.
  • Through developing a new relationship between businesses and regulatory services, Better Business for All aims to reduce both real, and perceived, regulatory barriers to business growth. 

Better Business for All is a national pathfinder programme. Other areas of the country are looking to implement similar programmes to support better delivery of regulation at a local level.

You can find out more about the Bettwe Business for All programme here.

You can read its first year report here (PDF).

A summary of the report's findings is available here (PDF).

01 Oct 2012

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