About the Chamber

Have a voice for your business

North West Leicestershire is one of the strongest business growth areas in the UK. With its central location, excellent transport links and skilled workforce, North West Leicestershire has seen many multi-national businesses locate here. The most recent additions include global brands like Amazon, DHL and Marks & Spencers. Allied these to the 7000+ jobs being created near East Midlands Airport at Roxhill and its clear our region is set to flourish, playing a key role in the future economic growth of the UK.

Whilst major businesses can always make themselves heard, with one of the highest concentrations of micro and small businesses responsible for employing around 90% of our employed community, having a voice for small business is vital.

NWL Chamber exists to disseminate key information on grants, training, business funding and business opportunities to small businesses – information that can help your business grow.


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