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Name:David McDowell

Organisation:The Bee Farmer

Address:Huntingdon House 87 Marker Street Ashby de la Zouch Leicestershire LE65 1AH


The Bee Farmer

David McDowell

David The Bee Farmer runs numerous bee colonies across North West Leicestershire. The primary reason for farming bees is ensure Honey bees survive in our modern world. Bees are faced with threats from habitat loss, disease, pests and climate change. I am an advocate for bees. Advocacy is delivered through training courses, press articles, radio interviews, supporting television programs, talks to clubs and Societies and social media.

Not being independently wealthy I have to generate funds to keep body and soul together in order to look after the bees. The bees provide honey and wax as by products of their activity. The honey I collect is simply filtered and put into jars. This honey is as pure as national food regulations will allow for sale. My honey is never heated above 50 degree centigrade which means the honey retains its structure, the pollen content and micro-nutrients. My honey is considered as unpasteurised or raw honey.  

Bees also produce wax. It is good practise to remove old honey comb. The old wax is rendered down and filtered. The clean wax is used as a base in diverse recipes such as lip balms, two types of furniture polish, pad balm and in the raw for trades such as Leatherworkers and Cabinetmakers. 

Honey bees intrigue people. I run beekeeping courses, experience days and an “adopt a colony” scheme. I also run an infirmary for abandon colonies and swarms. I help folks support bees and other pollinators in other ways. You are able to purchase packets of bee friendly flowers seeds from my on-line shop. You can find out more about my work on social media using #thebeefarmerslife, shop on-line and find the Bee Farmer honey stockists through my website at

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